CRM 2011 Web Resource Utility

Just discovered an “Amazing” Tool which has been available to me (and everyone) for quite while, for those of you who have downloaded the CRM 2011 SDK.

Basically, it allows you to create Web Resources, without the hassle of manually creating them, one at time, within CRM directly.

For example, I have to attach 11 Icons to 11 new Entities I have created, which means that I would need to create 33 Web Resource (PNG in my case) – which needless to say will be very time consuming and boring at best.

BUT WAIT, using the Web Resource Utility in the SDK, I can point to my folder, which contains all 33 images (i.e. 16×16, 32×32, 66×48 for each Icon) add them to a web resource package and click upload.

In a matter of seconds, I have 33 web resources automatically created in my chosen “Solution” in CRM 2011.

Check this out for yourselves, as this works for any of the Web Resource types, i.e. Javascript, GIF, HTML, etc.

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